Bridging the Gap From Rehab to Performance Seminar

Optimize function and performance throughout the rehabilitation process and learn how to safely and effectively transition people from injury recovery to advanced strength and conditioning programs.

Learn How to Maximize Your Rehabilitation and Strength and Conditioning Programs

Traditional rehabilitation programs following injury or surgery have focused on restoring basic function to the involved joint or tissue.  As the physical demands of our patients continue to increase, the rehabilitation process must consider incorporating a more comprehensive approach to restoring not only function, but optimal performance.  By integrating strength and conditioning principles into the rehabilitation process, rehabilitation specialists can better prepare the patient for returning to full activity. As the rehabilitation phase advances, a comprehensive system to progress from traditional rehabilitation to functional strength and conditioning programs must be followed.  Too often the transition between rehabilitation and strength and conditioning is not seamless or designed to continue to optimize performance, while ensuring progress.

There is a better way to integrate rehab and performance throughout the process.

The Champion Bridging the Gap From Rehab to Performance Seminar will show you how.

Personal trainers and strength coaches will benefit from learning how we integrate rehabilitation concepts into our programs to properly assess, customize programs, and advanced people into strength and conditioning programs.  Likewise, rehabilitation specialists will benefit from learning how we integrate appropriate strength and conditioning concepts through the acute and advanced phases of rehabilitation.


Seminar Information

7 Modules with Over 6 Hours of Video!

  • Applying Strength and Conditioning Principles into Acute Rehab - Lenny Macrina
  • Integrating Advanced Rehab and Early Strength and Conditioning - Dave Tilley
  • Integrating Performance Therapy to Optimize Performance - Mike Reinold
  • Performance Training Post Injury: The Assessment Process - Rob Sutton
  • Performance Training Post Injury: Program Design - Kiefer Lammi
  • Live Q&A and Demonstration of the Assessment Process and Discussion on Program Design

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Maybe one of the best features of the Champion Bridging the Gap From Rehab to Performance Seminar is the ability to watch the content whenever and wherever you want - you can access the materials 24/7 on any internet connected device - forever!

CEU Information: This course has not been pre-approved for CEU credit.  However, we provide everything you need in the course manual to submit on your own for credit!  The course has over 6 hours of CEU content.

Here are Just a Few of the Things You're Going to Learn...

Applying Strength and Conditioning Principles into Acute Rehab - Lenny Macrina

  • Principles and goals of the acute rehabilitation phase
  • Integrating treating the local site of pain and balancing global movement patterns

Integrating Advanced Rehab and Early Strength and Conditioning - Dave Tilley

  • How to manipulate set, rep, and periodization schemes during the rehab process
  • Regain movement variability and progressing overload
  • Return to advanced training or sport criteria and progressions

Integrating Performance Therapy to Optimize Performance - Mike Reinold

  • The concept of performance therapy - not just for the injured
  • Integrating manual therapy and corrective exercise to optimize performance

Performance Training Post-Injury - The Assessment Process - Rob Sutton

  • The need for an assessment and customized program
  • How to customize a program for injury

Performance Training Post-Injury - Program Design - Kiefer Lammi

  • How to build a movement based program to enhance mobility, strength, power, and endurance
  • Integrating all aspects of athleticism into long term periodization

Plus, See How We Implement These Concepts with Live Demonstrations!

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